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FIFA World Cup 2018: Consular assistance programme for Argentine nationals travelling to Russia

07 June 2018

Información para la Prensa N°: 243/18

"One of the most important tasks that we have as a Foreign Ministry is providing consular assistance to meet of the needs of Argentine nationals abroad," Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie stated today at a press conference alongside the Brazilian Ambassador to Argentina, Sérgio França Danese, and the Russian Ambassador, Viktor Koronelli, as he provided information on the Foreign Ministry's assistance programme for Argentine nationals travelling to Russia for the World Cup.

"Processing documents, granting powers of attorney, providing assistance and guidance to our countrymen wherever they are, whether they are residing abroad or travelling, or if they are in an emergency situation or need healthcare, and all of the procedures relating to daily needs but which are of great importance: this is the work of consuls," the Foreign Minister explained.

In this regard and within the framework of the Russia World Cup 2018, Faurie announced that, in an unprecedented action for a sports event of this kind, Argentina and Brazil have decided to establish a Joint Itinerant Consulate in Saint Petersburg during the whole month to provide their nationals with assistance.

The Office will be operating in the city centre, at the Novotel Saint Petersburg Centre. This city was chosen because it will host some matches of our national team and Brazil's national team during the group stage, in addition to hosting the semi-finals. Argentina will also set up consular offices in the cities where the Argentine national team plays, which will only operate on the day of the matches. (Nizhny Novgorod and maybe Kazan).

Also joined by the Director for Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry, Luis María Sobrón, Faurie stressed that this bilateral initiative reflects the "historic bonds of friendship and joint work that we share with Brazil," and underscored "the high participation that fans of our respective national teams will have in Russia."

This initiative is included within the framework of the agreement signed in 2017 by the Presidents of Argentina and Brazil on consular cooperation and policies for nationals abroad, and within a policy aimed at the reasonable and efficient use of the State's resources, a principle shared by both nations.

The Foreign Ministry has also designed a website containing information and recommendations for those travelling to the Cup. The website includes recommendations as regards preparations for the trip to Russia, as well as advice on what to do upon arrival. 

In addition, mobile telephone companies have agreed with the Foreign Ministry to implement a system enabling Argentine tourists abroad to obtain the address and emergency phone number of the nearest Argentine Consulate office through a text message. This system is already working.


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