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Job opening: Office Clerk

February 24, 2017

Job Title: Office Clerk

Personnel in charge: none.

Place of Work: One UN Plaza, 25 Floor, New York.

Work Hours: six hours a day.

General goals of the job:

Maintain cleanliness and order of the office and check that all the cleaning supplies and other elements for the job are supplied to guarantee the normal functioning of the activities of the Mission.

Main activities and tasks:
• Perform the coffee and refreshments service.
• Assist in the Mission attending to guests or in meetings.
• Pick up the utensils left behind on desks (cups, bottles, glasses, etc.), and take care of the cleaning.
• Wash and store all utensils of the personnel of common use.
• Keep inventory of cleaning supplies and utensils in order.
• Keep cleaning controls in order and up to date.
• Exert as a nexus with the building personnel to perform the cleaning tasks and general maintenance that are necessary, including disinfection, garbage recollection, repairs, etc.
• Assist in messenger functions.
•  Perform assemble and disassemble of events in the Mission.

Perform the general maintenance including carrying furniture and files, and loading and unloading services; cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen and storage room, and plants care.

Type of Responsibilities:
Assume responsibility for the correct application of the procedures, methods and routines, as well as the appropriate result of individual or group tasks subject to the instructions provided by your superior, with alternatives of a simple choice of means for its performance.

• Education: High School level complete.
• Experience: two years minimum of experience in the same or similar job.
• Languages:  English language required and knowledge of Spanish.
• Abilities: service vocation and good manners, easy verbal expression and written, team work, order and cleanliness at work.
• Knowledge: cleaning and general maintenance.
• Vocation of service and good manners.
• Have a permanent residence and/or work permit in the United States of America.

Additional functions:
Perform additional diligence that is not an everyday task.

Please send curriculum vitae to the following email: enaun@mrecic.gov.ar



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