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Establishment of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Nauru

Friday 04, November 2016

Información para la Prensa N°: 382/16

On 31 October, diplomatic and consular relations were established between the Argentine Republic and the Republic of Nauru, which will make it possible to boost political, trade, tourist and cultural exchange.

Nauru is an atoll-shaped island, located east of Papua New Guinea and 42 km south of the Equator, with a 21-km2 surface.

Most of its 10,000 inhabitants are of Micronesian origin. Its official languages are English and Nauruan.

Its income is mainly based on the exploitation of phosphate and fishing licenses.

It is a member of various regional and international organizations, including the Pacific Islands Forum and the Pacific Community, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the G-77 plus China.

Through the establishment of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Nauru, Argentina continues with its policy of cementing bonds with Asian-Pacific nations, which is one of the most dynamic and fastest growing regions in the world.

Argentina has diplomatic relations with 191 countries.


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